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EIFS Repair Customer Reviews

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“They are very good. We are very pleased with the results. There prices were reasonable and in line with other estimates. The problem is there is not very many people in this area that do that kind of work .There were problems underneath the stucco with carpenter ants and we had to have wood replaced.” 

“I called Corey on behalf of clients, and on short notice he was able to conduct an EIFS inspection! I was very impressed how knowledgeable he was on EIFS, and his turnaround time in providing results to my client. As a real estate agent, I’ve met with several inspectors and Corey is one of very few that is passionate about his work and a total expert! Thank you Corey!”

 “Corey is a true expert at EIFS and very focused on doing things the right way to avoid future issues. If you want high quality work, Corey is the best! We have hired him for additional work after the first project was completed.”

“Corey was professional, thorough and responsive. He communicated in a timely fashion and got me 
the information I needed”

“Great professionalism. The most knowledgeable person in the business and able to actually do the 
job the right way!”


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Customer Reviews