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EIFS Repairs in Jackson and Battle Creek

April 24, 2019

EIFS Repairs Michigan

Battle Creek & Jackson Michigan

It’s not to often I make it out to Battle Creek Michigan to do EIFS repairs, but tomorrow I have Jackson and Battle Creek on the schedule.  If you have a project for me to look at in these areas please give me a call and I will stop by on the way through. Any Synthetic stucco repair, moisture testing or visual inspection. EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System is also known as Synthetic stucco or Dryvit™.

Not sure if you have synthetic stucco on your home or not. There are a couple easy ways to test to see if you do. To tell the difference between synthetic stucco and traditional stucco you can simply knock on it. It will sound hollow if it is synthetic stucco. If it is hard like a rock and hurts your hand it is traditional stucco. You may not be sure what traditional should feel like. Just knock on the sidewalk and then the wall. If they are the same it is likely traditional stucco. Traditional stucco is about 3/4 of and inch thick and is solid like concrete. Synthetic stucco is about an eight of an inch of fiberglass based cement over styrofoam. It should be easy to tell the difference. There is also what is called stucco board, which is much different than either of these two. The stucco board is pre-manufactuered board that has the texture of stucco.

We actually specialize in repairing the synthetic stucco version.

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